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Free Agency, Toronto and Health Dominating Bills Headlines

We've been elbow deep in analyzing potential Buffalo Bills free agents this week; it's been a good exercise, but this morning, we'll come up for air for a bit. If you've missed any of the interviews we've aired this week, don't sweat it - these stories are easily accessible from our free agent database, which we'll continue to add to right up until the start of free agency.

Before free agency starts, however, we'll get to see the second major event for the NFL's upcoming rookies - the Scouting Combine. That event starts late next week, and we'll have coverage of that as well. If you've got specific players that you'd like to keep track of, feel free to leave those names in this diary. We'd like to keep y'all up to date on the prospects that you care about, so let's hear it.

Here's what has been making headlines outside of our community this week:

WGR 550 streamlines our free agent process into one free agency preview, which includes an enlightening look at the Top 10 Bills in terms of salary.

Chris Brown of the official site has a nice article about the one restricted free agent worth keeping around in Buffalo, at least for training camp: S Jim Leonhard.

Bob DiCesare of The Buffalo News has written a very nice article about Ryan Neufeld and his wife Dawn - a family that has given a lot to the Buffalo community that will likely need to relocate.

What do NFL players do in the off-season? Off the top of my head, sun-drenched beaches, family vacations, and golf courses come to mind. Student teaching didn't make the list - but that's exactly what Bills LB John DiGiorgio is doing.

The Bills finished re-tooling their coaching staff by hiring former Packers defensive back (who was actually coached by Dick Jauron) Adrian White as the team's defensive quality control coach. White has coached under Jauron for the last two pre-seasons.

The topic is so tired, but prominent media members keep bringing it up. Dennis Williams of WIVB-TV is the ringleader. That topic? Toronto, of course.

Former Bills quarterback Joe Ferguson, who ranks near the top of nearly every passing stat category in the Bills' record books, is once again battling cancer.'s Anthony Bialy has coverage. Even with Ferguson making strides in his battle this week (he's temporarily out of the hospital), the Ferguson family still needs our thoughts and prayers.

In another touching story chronicling a fight against a lethal disease, Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas has allied with 6-year-old Jon-Jon Cinelli in the young man's fight against cancer. Jon-Jon is in for the fight of his life, and the brave young man is getting a lot of help from the Thomas family. Take a look at the article, and please keep the Cinelli family in your prayers. If you'd like to donate to Jon-Jon's cause, you may do so here.