Shaun Rogers - being moved soon

per rotoworld:

NFL Network's Adam Schefter reports the Lions will trade DT Shaun Rogers within the next week.

Trades can't be executed until the free agency period begins on February 29. Schefter says at least four teams have shown strong interest in Rogers, whose skill set compares favorably to both Glenn Dorsey and Sedrick Ellis. Rogers has his ups and downs, but most premier interior linemen do. The Lions should be able to get at least a second-round pick for the 28-year-old.


Do you think the Bills would be one of the teams interested in Rogers?  Prior to Corey Williams getting tagged I would have said no, now - all bets are off, especially with his connection to Jauron.

Why would he be such a good fit?

He's young. 28 years old.

He has the "size" jauron has been talking about. 345 pounds.

His size doesn't compromise his ability to get to the QB.  7 sacks in '07.

P.S. he signed a 6 year, $43 million contract in '05, so he still has 3 years left on his deal with Detroit.

P.P.S. Some reports indicate that Detroit is more interested in players for Rogers rather then draft picks.  FYI, according to drafttek Detroit's biggest needs are (in order) DE, ILB, CB and RB.  Any expendable players on the Bills?  Digorgio?  Kelsey? Greer? Jackson?

What do you think?

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