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Buffalo Rumblings Community Updates

Over this past week, we have had several thousand new visitors to Buffalo Rumblings - so to those individuals, welcome! We're appreciative of the fact that so many of you have taken a glimpse into this little corner of the Buffalo Bills-related Internet; if you like what you see, feel free to create a free account and become part of the community! View our mission statement and FAQ to find out exactly what we're all about - and if you do end up creating an account, leave us a comment so that we can properly welcome you!

Part of this blog's mission statement, linked above, is to provide a platform for all Buffalo Bills fans to have their voices heard louder than ever. Any fan has the ability to write their own articles at this blog; in essence, we are Bills fans creating our own media for the team we know and love. Who better to write articles about the Bills than the people who know the team best? Along that line, we have an announcement to make concerning three of our most frequent fan writers.

New Authors!
That's correct - after careful consideration, and more than ten months of breaking down the excellent writings that each and every one of you contribute to this blog, I have chosen three of your most tenured and experienced peers to join me as front-page authors on this blog. Those men are:

Kurupt - This guy has been posting diaries and comments pretty much since the day Buffalo Rumblings launched (4/7/2007). By far our most experienced and tenured reader, Kurupt rarely agrees with anything I have to say - so if you've been here a while and haven't liked anything I've said, you'll probably enjoy the wisdom of Kurupt. "K", as he's affectionately referred to by those of us too lazy to type his entire handle, is going to bring an entirely new flavor of posting to Buffalo Rumblings, and I'm very excited to have him on board.

sireric - Though he hasn't been with us for nearly as long as Kurupt and our final new author, sireric's contributions have been highly frequent and excellent. A level-headed poster, sireric is a stick-to-your-guns fan who will bring unwavering opinions to the front page. I look forward to his contributions as well.

jri111 - I wanted an author who typed stories twice as long as my meandering soliloquies; naturally, jri111 was the best choice. In all seriousness, John (as you'll soon know him by, if you don't already) has been with us nearly as long as Kurupt has, and his long-form diaries are both excellently prepared and highly informative. If you have not yet read jri111's stuff, take a look back through the diaries and front-page posts: he covers aspects of the Bills that very few "traditional" journalists would ever think of covering.

One note: these "promotions" (if you want to call an unpaid hobby a "promotion") are well deserved, but I'd like to re-iterate the fact that this is a community-driven site. You're going to see these three guys posting on the front page much more often, but that could just as easily be you - any good diary that any of you post can be promoted to the front page at any time. Many of you have been posting excellent diaries since the off-season began; I'd like to encourage you to continue your excellent writing. Your writings bring a completely different and unique element to this website, and fully diversify the opinions on this blog. Some of our best discussions come in the diaries; we (myself and the three new authors) look forward to discussing your opinions with you on whatever diaries you create.

So, to recap: welcome to new users, welcome new authors, and keep writing! Go Bills!