Use Draft Picks to Get Rogers

I like the idea of using our picks as currency to get the players we want, since we are losing only non-starters in FA, and the team already is so very young -- we don't really have room for 10 new rookies (and they can't perform right away, anyway).  If Jauron wants Rogers, the Bills should consider swapping 1st round picks (go from 11 to 15) and give Detroit one of the 3rd round picks (doesn't really matter which one) for Rogers.  This way, the Bills essentially are giving the equivalent of an early 2nd round pick value, which will top any other offers for Detroit.  The move down a few spots may not hurt us and it may make all the 1st round picks we are looking at that much more attractive (since most of them appear to be available then, anyway) -- I am talking about any LB (Rivers, Conner), WR (Sweed, Kelly), DT (Balmer) or CB (Jenkins, McKelvin, Talib, Rogers-Cromartie) being available at 15 or 11.  Detroit has more "need" positions in LB, DT and OL (we are, after all, not losing a single starter and are very young to begin with), where a move up will be attractive.  I also like the idea of using the leftover 3rd round pick to move up on the 2nd rounder we have.  Imagine if we trade for Rogers, pick up Crumpler at TE, and draft Sweed in the 1st and Conner in the 2nd (using the other 3rd along with the 2nd to movve up to get him) -- with all of our starters returning.  We still would have many draft picks (including FA-loss additional draft picks) to fill out the subs lost in FA, anyway.

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