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Free Agency Open Thread: Midnight Edition

[editor's note, by Brian Galliford] Use this thread to post rumors that you see, as John says, but please also note that WABillsFan is working hard (or hardly working) to keep us updated into the wee hours of the morning as well. Get pumped, Bills fans! End Note

When the clock strikes midnight in less then an hour the 2008 NFL free agency period officially begins.  At that point all bets are off.  Rumors are already starting to circulate around the net (could you imagine free agency without the internet?  How depressing!!). We'll be here all night updating all the news related to the Buffalo Bills.  If you hear of anything - even rumors - make sure you add it to the open thread. To start it off here is some news/rumors that either directly or indirectly relate to the Bills that are making their way around the world wide web this Thursday evening:

  • The Tampa Tribune is reporting that the Bucs has "great interest in free agent WR D.J. Hackett.
  • The Washington Post is reporting that once free agency begins Corey Williams (DT) will be traded to the Cleveland Browns for undisclosed compensation.
  • New Orleans Times-Picayune reports that Jonathan Vilma (LB) of the New York Jets is "very, very close" to being a New Orleans Saint.  This is good news on the Shaun Rogers front since there were reports of a player-for-player trade between the Jets and the Lions and discussion of a three-way trade that would ultimately send Rogers to the Jets.  With Vilma off the market, that gives the Jets one less bargaining chip.
  • Also on the Jets front, NFL Network's Adam Schefer reports that the Jets seem to set their eye on Kris Jenkins (DT) from the Carolina Panthers. Obviously if this goes through, it would put them out of the Shaun Rogers derby.  Less competition = better chances!
  • The Minnesota Star-Tribune reports that talks between the Texans and Vikings about back-up QB Sage Rosenfels have broken off.  They go on to suggest that the Vikings may now have set their sight on our very own JP Losman.
  • It has been vastly reported that Iaasac Bruce was release from the Rams.  I know he's old, but he's worth at least a head turn.
  • The Dallas Morning Star is reporting that the Cowboys are reportedly discussing a trade that would send NT Jason Ferguson to Miami.  If this goes through, it would take another AFC East team out of the running for Rogers.
  • Tight End Alge Crumpler is reportedly visiting with the Seahawks late Thursday and into Friday.  The Tennessee Titans have presumed to be the favorites to land him.
So there we have it, free agency is less then an hour away and rumors are already beginning running rampant.  If you hear anything new or would like just like to discuss these rumors, feel free to add to them below.  I'll be here as long as my biological clock allows me to!