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Bills Needs List, Part IV: Defensive Back Seven

Is it inside or out for DiGiorgio? (

If someone feels up to it, go ahead and start the petition: this community is ready to take over the decision-making position (whether that's GM or COO) of the Buffalo Bills. No offense to Russ Brandon, Marv Levy, John Guy et al, but this is one intelligent community - and we'd do the job right. In case you missed it, last week we put together an offensive needs list for our Bills, and also began discussing the defensive side of things by prioritizing the D-Line.

Today, we'll begin finalizing the defensive needs list, and by mid-week, we'll have assembled a team-wide needs list, which we'll tweak throughout the off-season as the Bills make acquisitions. So let's get started on finishing this business up by taking a look at the Bills' back seven defensively. Linebackers, corners and safeties are the topic (we covered each unit about two weeks ago). In those discussions, here's where we decided possible additions and subtractions might occur:

Possible Additions
OLB: mid-priced FA; one to two early-round selections
MLB: veteran backup (if DiGiorgio moved outside)
CB: mid-round rookie; low-priced veteran free agent
FS: none
SS: low-round pick

Possible Subtractions
OLB: Mario Haggan, Josh Stamer, Leon Joe, Kevin Harrison
MLB: Blake Costanzo
CB: Jason Webster, Dustin Fox
SS: Bryan Scott, Jon Corto
FS: Jim Leonhard

Your charge today, fellow general managers, is to prioritize the defensive needs list by following these steps:

1. Prioritizing the following in terms of highest need to lowest need: two linebackers (at least one outside; one inside if you believe John DiGiorgio should move outside, otherwise two outside); cornerback, and strong safety. Personally, I'm of the opinion that the club needs three linebackers; if you're of the same mind, feel free to add a third linebacker to the list as well.

2. Based on the D-Line discussion linked above, the community has placed DT as a higher priority than DE - but barely. Therefore, like we did with tight end and wide receiver (which we'll discuss in the next couple of days again), they're getting a 1-1a status. Sprinkle DT and DE (in that order) into the back seven list, and we'll provide a formal announcement of the defensive needs list later on this evening. Have at it, GMs!