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Buffalo Bills Needs List: Time to Prioritize

I've said it once, I'll say it again - the Buffalo Bills should be paying this community to do their dirty work. I want to extend a big thanks to the dozens of y'all that have participated in assembling this community's offensive and defensive needs lists - it's been a job well done, and it's sparked a lot of healthy debate about how best to improve the Bills this off-season.

Our job isn't over yet. Now that we've assembled needs lists for both sides of the football (note: we won't be assembling a special teams list), it's time for us to consolidate the two lists into one cohesive list. Fun, right? It may not be in a moment - there are some tough decisions to be made here.

First, the lists:

1. Wide Receiver - Thanks to some strong support in the polling, wideout has leapfrogged tight end as Buffalo's top offensive need.

1A. Tight End - Still gets the "1A" rating due to strong support in the comments.

3. Guard/Center - Depth needed behind Dockery/Fowler/Butler.

4. Fullback - Marshawn needs a gritty lead blocker.

5. Tackle - Upgrade needed over top reserve Kirk Chambers, if possible.

6. Wide Receiver - One receiver isn't going to get the job done. We need depth there too.

7. Quarterback - If J.P. Losman isn't traded, this position gets low priority.

1. Defensive Tackle - Strong arguments on both D-Line positions, but DT has a hair more support.

1A. Defensive End - Giants, anyone? The Bills need a pass rush if they're ever to surpass the Pats as the Beasts of the East.

3. Outside Linebacker - Upgrade over Keith Ellison needed, as well as a possible replacement for '09 UFA Angelo Crowell.

4. Cornerback - Jabari Greer can start, but the team may be better off if he's a nickel back.

5. Linebacker - More depth is needed at this position; outside or inside, depending on where John DiGiorgio ends up (most likely he'll be inside).

6. Strong Safety - With Bryan Scott a free agent, there's a serious lack of depth behind Donte Whitner. Scott may be the best option here.

There you have it - our two lists. Have fun with this, folks - your final product should be thirteen items long, and should include as many letters as numbers given the amount of debate this exercise has sprung. This is the last day we'll be discussing the formation of needs lists, so please, by all means, make final impassioned arguments here. (Just keep it civil.) Let's get to it - we'll announce the official needs list late tonight, and we'll begin free agency prep work with haste.