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Bills Fans: Sick of Bryant Johnson Speculation Yet?

We are now a full seven days removed from free agent wide receiver Bryant Johnson's visit with the Buffalo Bills. It was a week filled with rumors, speculation, and a whole lot of racked nerves as Bills fans hoped to see Johnson signed. As of the time of this posting, Johnson remains an unrestricted free agent - and we're not out of the rumor-filled woods yet.

Once again, rumors spread like wildfire last night that the Bills had agreed with Johnson on a six-year, $22 million contract. The rumors cited Sirius NFL Radio as the source; Sirius has since denied the report. This just goes to show you that the old parable is true: don't believe everything you read on the Internet.

Just like last week, this week is starting off with conflicting reports on Johnson. ESPN's John Clayton mentioned in a radio appearance last night that a decision from the Johnson camp was expected today. Just like one was expected by the end of the weekend, right? There are also KFFL reports that "confirm" Johnson's original claim that he had a visit scheduled with the Redskins - which Washington has since denied. So Johnson is expected to make a decision... while visiting with the Redskins?

Clearly, someone is wrong in this scenario. I made an informed prediction late last week that Johnson's indecision was, and would be, hampering the Bills. Two days later, part of that prediction came true as safety Marlon McCree signed with the Denver Broncos. If Johnson gets a sniff of interest from another team this week, what's to say he won't take the visit (and the money) and run? He has to be just as tired of the indecision as we are.

I'll make my prediction again: this long, drawn-out negotiation between the Bills and Johnson (if it exists in the first place) has likely made both camps weary. It's made fans weary, that's for certain. The longer this plays out, the less likely Johnson is of becoming a Bill. I have faint hopes of seeing Johnson in red, white and blue, but they're fading quickly. If Clayton is right, and Johnson makes a decision today, it only makes sense that it's signing in Buffalo. If he's wrong, Johnson will either make visits to Tampa Bay or Washington, sign in either place, or re-sign with the Cardinals.

There. We've reached our Bryant Johnson quota for the day. Y'all can either leave your comments on the situation, as you've been doing for a week, or you can rip me for bringing it up again. Barring real news on the subject, we'll have something different to talk about this afternoon, I promise.