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WR Market Moving on Bills

Hackett making a trip to Washington (Wire Image)

Yes - free agent wide receiver Bryant Johnson remains unsigned, and yes, the Buffalo Bills remain the only team he's visited with. Still, it has been reported that Johnson was entertaining at least two offers from other clubs. If either of those teams were the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the Washington Redskins, Johnson may soon be out of luck weighing his multiple deals.

The Buccaneers, thought to be the main competition for Johnson's services, on Monday inked troubled WR Antonio Bryant, who spent the 2007 season out of football. Bryant is a shoo-in to start next to veteran Joey Galloway. If head coach Jon Gruden is as high on Bryant as he seems to be - and the Bucs have tamed ill-tempered players before - Tampa could very well be out of the Johnson sweepstakes.

Johnson also was quick to mention a planned trip to Washington when he visited Buffalo last week. That trip has not yet happened, as far as we know, but we do know that the Redskins will visit with WR D.J. Hackett today. Given the connections between Hackett and Redskins head coach Jim Zorn, it seems unlikely - though entirely possible - that Hackett makes it out of D.C. without a contract. Should he sign in Washington, it's another potential Johnson suitor taking themselves out of the running.

Who's left? Chicago, perhaps, even though they've already signed receivers Marty Booker and Brandon Lloyd this off-season. The receiver market is starting to move, folks, and Johnson's only option still appears to be our Buffalo Bills.

Speaking of the Bills, our own sireric reports that the team has shown interest in RFA WR Rashied Davis of the Bears. I, like sireric, tend to believe that Buffalo's interest is minimal, and they're simply trying to send a message to Johnson. Davis, however, wouldn't be a bad signing, as it's clearly time for the Bills to find themselves a new kick returner to replace Terrence McGee in that role. McGee needs to be focused entirely on his number one corner role; getting him off special teams would keep him fresh and healthy as well.

Connor Byrne, a favorite of Buffalo Rumblings, wrote a nice piece yesterday outlining his top three remaining free agents for the Bills. Those players? WR D.J. Hackett, TE Ben Utecht and QB Gus Frerotte.

Of course, now Hackett is being wooed by Moneybags Snyder, and the Bills' signing of TE Courtney Anderson means that they won't give a second thought to Utecht. Frerotte remains an interesting option, but don't expect the Bills to make a run at a quarterback unless they get much closer to trading J.P. Losman - a player they'd really like to keep.

Just goes to show you how quickly things can change.

Here's a piece from the Toronto Sun about - you guessed it - the Bills playing in Toronto.

I've been busy the last 24 hours, but I'm looking at a free afternoon today; therefore, I promise I'll be back later on today with something a bit more profound. As always, keep it locked in to Buffalo Rumblings.