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Thursday Morning "Panda" Watch

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Johnson shows off his great hands (Photo Source)

"Panda Watch!" YouTube may have taken our little running joke from Anchorman down, but the damage has been done - free agent wide receiver Bryant Johnson's shiny new official nickname is "Panda". So what's the latest on the Panda? Well, he's still not a member of the Buffalo Bills, which is hardly surprising.

Instead, Panda's agent, Joel Segal, is aggressively pitching his client to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Despite the fact that the Bucs recently signed long-disgruntled wideout Antonio Bryant, the team remains nearly $50 million under the projected 2008 salary cap (most of which they must spend) and still need depth at wide receiver - especially when considering the fact that Joey Galloway is the ageless wonder and the team has been relatively disappointed by the sophomore and junior outings of Michael Clayton (who, apparently, is not a fixer in Tampa). Panda would give the Bucs solid veteran competition for the flighty Bryant (Antonio, not Panda).

The Bucs have a shot at landing either Cardinals playmaker Bryant Johnson or Panthers speedster Drew Carter. Jets speedster Justin McCareins also could wind up in Tampa.

"We're going to take the next couple days and go over the offers we have and take it from there," said Joel Segal, the agent for Johnson and Carter, both of whom are considering Tampa Bay as a destination.

Cross-outs added, as Carter signed with the Raiders and McCareins with the Titans yesterday. The market's moved on wideouts, and Panda is pairing with Seattle's D.J. Hackett as the only two viable starting options left to find new homes. The market is closing fast, as well - so the end is near on Panda Watch, right?

You need not worry, Bills fans. I, Galliford Fantana, will continue to work diligently to keep you up-to-date on our bamboo-loving friend. (And if you're sick of him, well, I'll have a much more interesting article up by noon.)