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Upcoming Events at Buffalo Rumblings

Good morning, fellow Rumblers! I... am... on vacation! As I travel over the next week, I'll only be online during intermittent intervals. But fear not! We've still got all of your Buffalo Bills needs covered. I'll still be blogging every day, and the triumvirate of sireric, Kurupt and jri111 will be keeping you as up to date as possible on all news that occurs with our Bills.

Here's what you can expect to see over the next week:

Tomorrow morning, sireric will put up a post about several rules teams that draft successfully must follow. It's a ripping good read, and it should engender a lot of good discussion, so be sure not to miss it!

Starting on Monday we'll have our third Rumblings mock draft of the off-season, brought to you by the four authors of Buffalo Rumblings! The triumvirate and myself have each prognosticated all 7 rounds for the Bills; we'll be bringing our drafts to you round-by-round so that you can critique, analyze, or rip our opinions to shreds - whatever your little hearts desire.

One final note - in answer to Fort Worth's question yesterday, yes, we will be re-tooling our Buffalo Rumblings Community Needs List. With guys like Stroud, Mitchell, S. Johnson and even Anderson in town, things have changed - and we'll be putting together a community-wide consensus on where the Bills must proceed as they continue to revamp their roster. That will come at us starting late next week!

Enjoy your weekend, folks - I know I will. Keep it locked in to Buffalo Rumblings, because even when I'm not here, you can continue to make this the most up-to-date, fresh and informative Bills site in this little corner of the Internet.