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Open Thread: Bills to Host WR Johnson, TE Troupe

Update [2008-3-2 12:29:29 by Brian Galliford]: Is it just me, or is the AP on a roll with inaccurate reports lately? First they mess up the Stroud deal, then they falsely report that Jason Taylor is on his way out of Miami, and now they've apparently gotten this story wrong too. Per Rotoworld, the only visiting free agent in Buffalo today is Falcons FB Corey McIntyre, a restricted free agent with special teams potential. The Bills are waiting for Troupe to finish up a visit with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Bryant Johnson is not reportedly coming in until Monday. Rotoworld reports this via the Buffalo News. End Update

With three solid defenders added to the roster over the past two days, the Buffalo Bills are now apparently focusing on bolstering their offense. The AP reports, via, that two more free agents - Cardinals WR Bryant Johnson and Titans TE Ben Troupe - will visit with team officials at One Bills Drive today. The two players are represented by the same agent, Joel Segal.

Buffalo is searching for a tall, physical receiver to complement Lee Evans, and the 6'3" Johnson fits the bill. With WR Bernard Berrian getting $7 million per season and $16 million guaranteed from the Vikings, however, it's debatable whether or not the Bills will be willing to spend close to that much money for an upgrade. If the price is right for Johnson, expect the Bills to pursue him aggressively. If he wants too much money, that's fine - the Bills have other options.

Troupe is a veteran of four years with vast potential, but who has never quite lived up to the hype. Blessed with immense physical gifts, Troupe has struggled with minor injuries and an inability to gain his coaching staff's confidence. Troupe is an intriguing option, but if a deal doesn't materialize, the team can still fall back on Michael Gaines and a deep draft class.

Use this post as an open thread for all of Sunday's Bills-related free agent activity. I'll be in and out of the house all day, so if something big happens and I don't address it right away, feel free to shoulder the reporting responsibilities. Go Bills!