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Bills News and Notes, with SB Nation Flavor

We've officially hit the lull between the end of free agency and the beginning of serious draft preparations, so Buffalo Bills news is a bit hard to come by these days. However, there are a few topics floating around that we can discuss this evening; I've also got a couple of exciting tidbits to share with y'all about our glorious network, SB Nation.

Chris Brown, at the official site, further explores Buffalo's safety position from the perspective of second-year man John Wendling. In the article, Brown once again brings up the potential move of Donte Whitner to free safety - a move I've been publicly backing for nearly a year now. Is Wendling a potential answer at strong safety if Whitner's position is switched? Where do Bryan Scott and, more importantly, Ko Simpson figure in at that point? What of George Wilson, last year's pleasant surprise? Safety is quickly becoming Buffalo's most log-jammed position, and it's sure to bring up some debate heading into the regular season.

Pete Prisco, perhaps my favorite NFL columnist, gives the Bills some love in his latest piece:

The Bills are a team getting better each year. They have a lot of good, young talent and might be one draft away from pushing for a Wild-card spot. They've drafted well in recent years and they have to hope that continues.

He then names receiver and cornerback Buffalo's most likely first-round draft routes. Not exactly going out on a limb, but hey... he didn't say left tackle, did he?

Connor Byrne, in one of his more interesting articles of late, takes a look at Dwayne Wright's rookie season. Many Bills fans are quickly forgetting about Wright - a point Byrne emphasizes - which may be a mistake. This kid still has talent, and any runner that's tough to bring down between the tackles and can catch the football belongs in this league. I still like this kid, and think he can be a contributor in 2008.

It had been a week since I'd done it (I was on vacation last week), but our first round mock draft tracker is once again up to date. I'd like to urge anyone who hasn't seen this before to take a gander; I'd also like to urge everyone who has a mock draft source they like, but is not represented on this page, to let me know so I can add it.

Starting next week, the football bloggers of SB Nation will be kicking off the second annual SB Nation NFL Mock Draft. The mock will be hosted at our NFL Draft blog, Mocking the Draft, and will feature two full rounds of draft-style mocking. Each team blogger will be making the selections. I urge every one of you to take a gander at the rest of SB Nation's football blogs as we head toward this network-wide mock - the rest of the bloggers do a super job of keeping their communities up to date, and the fan commentary is first-rate. We'll be discussing the SBN Mock much more leading up to draft day.

We've finally gotten the OK to discuss this publicly, so I'll do so - SB Nation has launched a brand new blog platform, called SBN 2.0. It's still unclear (to the bloggers, anyways) when the NFL blogs will be updated, but SB Nation's baseball blogs are making the jump in time for the start of the MLB regular season. Personally, I cannot wait to get this site updated so y'all can enjoy the shiny new features, but if you're looking for a sneak peak, take a look at some of the MLB blogs that are updated. Over the Monster is one example (no, I'm not a Red Sox fan - I'm an Indians fan, meaning I can't wait for Let's Go Tribe to make the switch this week).