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Straying Outside of Buffalo This Morning

Good morning, fellow Rumblers. I'll be out of town until this afternoon for a job interview! I promise you all that I'll have a much more interesting, Buffalo Bills-related discussion up later this evening; for now, I encourage you to visit any of the discussions we've had in recent days, especially our re-tooling of the needs list. We're still looking for input on that discussion as we revise our needs list heading into the draft.

For now, as I stray a bit further away from Bills country today, I thought it would be prudent to take a quick look at what's happening outside of Buffalo in the NFL, as well - with a little help from three of SB Nation's finest football writers.

Even though Fooch at Niners Nation is clearly distraught over Commissioner Roger Goodell's punishment for tampering against the 49ers, I have to applaud the efforts of the Commish on this one. I've enjoyed the cracking whip of Goodell's tenure so far, and think he's taken good strides to keep the game as honest and fair as possible.

If he really wants to be fair, however, he can't stop there - because if tampering is punishable, so too should the full-on coaching staff and roster alterations be in Miami. Bill Parcells hired an entire coaching staff before a head coach, and then signed a guard (Justin Smiley) about thirteen seconds after the free agent signing period started this year. Miami certainly isn't the only franchise who have made sketchy moves - if I remember correctly, the Bills themselves signed the first free agent last year, inking Jason Whittle shortly after midnight - but Goodell needs to continue this vendetta against tampering. It's a good thing.

The folks at Behind the Steel Curtain take a look at what an uncapped NFL could look like not only from a league perspective (owners, players and lockouts), but from the fan's perspective as well. It's certainly the worst-case scenario, but it's worth discussing at any rate.

Once in a while, one of the bloggers at SB Nation scores a wicked cool interview. That happened to us last off-season when we interviewed Paul Posluszny. Today, ETVal, who runs the excellent blog Big Blue View, features an interview with former Giant great Leonard Marshall. I'm happy to report that the Marshall interview is much more in-depth and interesting than our Posluszny interview, and it's a pretty interesting read, even if we're talking about a team that beat Buffalo in the Super Bowl. Congrats, ETVal!

We'll see you this afternoon for much more on the Buffalo Bills... we promise.