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Bryant Johnson Watch Continues in Buffalo

Update [2008-3-4 10:19:14 by Brian Galliford]: As many of you are aware, three more free agents - Titans TE Ben Troupe, Chargers S Marlon McCree and Falcons FB Corey McIntyre - are visiting with the Bills today. Keep it locked in here throughout the rest of the day, as someone will update if anything happens regarding any of the four free agents the team has visited with over the past two days. End Update

Free agent WR Bryant Johnson came to Buffalo for a visit. We don't know if he left. What is clear about Johnson's status with the team at this point is that nothing is clear. Were the Bills and Johnson's agent, Joel Segal, negotiating into the night? Are highly speculative reports (once again) that he's got an agreement with the Bills incorrect (once again)? All I know is that after about 36 hours of speculating and being on my toes in regards to this story, I'm ready for something to happen, one way or another.

In order to remain stress-free over the Bryant Johnson ordeal, here's a three-step plan for calming the nerves, whether or not Johnson signs in Buffalo or visits elsewhere:

1. Johnson isn't the only option: If Johnson does not sign in Buffalo, it's because his agent is looking for a deal close to what Bernard Berrian got in Minnesota, and the Bills are smart enough not to throw that kind of money at Johnson. If a deal with the Cardinals free agent falls through, the Bills can turn to players such as D.J. Hackett, Javon Walker, Marty Booker, Justin McCareins, or some other not-quite-washed-up veteran who can play the role of stop-gap for two years. Clearly, Johnson is preferable to all of those names, but if the Bills strike out, they'll get another plate appearance.

2. There's a plan in place: The Bills have proven this off-season that ever since the Dick Jauron regime (for lack of a better term) took over in Buffalo, they've had a very carefully plotted plan for re-building this roster. That plan has hit full gear this off-season. I trust, also, that the front office has a plan if a Johnson deal falls through.

3. We Still Have Josh Reed: Whoops. Maybe this is a two-step plan. This one's for you, Nick.

I'll be out of town all afternoon, but fear not - the daunting triumvirate of Kurupt, jri111 and sireric have your back, as they'll keep you up to date on anything that happens of note while I'm away. Keep your fingers crossed for a Johnson deal, and Go Bills!