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McCree to Denver; Other Bills Notes

It's now been a full week since the Buffalo Bills made any big moves via free agency, and even though there are literally nine months before the start of the regular season, fans are getting restless. Patience, Bills fans - there's still a lot of time for the team to address its remaining holes, especially offensively. Here's what is being mentioned in the news about our favorite team:

Free agent safety Marlon McCree, who visited with the Bills last Monday, has signed with the Denver Broncos. This move is consistent with information that led me to predict this move two days ago. McCree will apparently compete for a starting spot at strong safety with the creaky John Lynch; look for him to win this competition. Tip of the hat to WABillsfan for his diary on the subject.

Still no word on WR Bryant Johnson, who was expected to make a decision about his future this weekend.

Ron Raccuia, the agent of former Bills LB Coy Wire, is upset over his client's release from the Bills.

"Coy deserved to know well beforehand what the team's plans were," Raccuia said. "Not two days before free agency and not completely out of the blue with no inclination from anybody that it was coming. He deserved that for what he meant to the organization and the community."

Putting aside the scenario that the Bills' release of Wire was just as unexpected from their side as well, I, for one, am sad to see Wire go. He was never a world beater, nor much of a difference-maker on the football field, but the guy just flat-out had heart. It's hard to replace a player of his character on a football team. If I'm going to pick a name off of the roster as the most likely candidate to fill his role of relentless, versatile backup, it's John DiGiorgio.

John Tomase of The Boston Herald takes a little time off from the love-fest that is the Patriots to toss some respect Buffalo's way. It's an interesting read, but many of you (Nick first and foremost) won't like what Dick Jauron has to say about Tomase's Patriots at the end of the article.