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2008 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft: Day Two Recap

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Day Two of the 2008 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft, hosted at Mocking the Draft, saw the picks shift into high gear. Three more selections were made today; three will be made tomorrow (through Baltimore), and then finally on Thursday night we'll be making the pick for the Buffalo Bills. Much more on that process to come tomorrow afternoon; for now, here's how things unfolded today:

No. 3

Pick by The Falcoholic

Jake Long
Offensive Tackle

Want my opinion on the best pick of the draft so far? This is it. Long fills a huge need for the Falcons and immediately helps out [insert name of Falcons rookie quarterback TBA] next year. This pick is very reminiscent of the one the Browns made last season with Joe Thomas - they added a stud tackle prospect, then traded up to nab their QB of the future. Look for the Falcons to do something similar in this mock (though they might not have to trade to do it).

No. 4

Pick by Silver and Black Pride

Darren McFadden
Running Back

As good as the Long pick was, this one was just as bad. I am a huge fan of Saint's (head blogger at Silver and Black Pride) and I think McFadden is going to be terrific, but this is an awful selection. If there is one area of Oakland's team that doesn't need help, it's running back. I understand the BPA argument, but not when BPA is at the strongest position on the team. With the top two defensive tackles available (and guys like Dorsey, Ellis and Harvey on the board), this was a wasted pick.

No. 5

Pick by Arrowhead Pride

Sedrick Ellis
Defensive Tackle
Southern California

Solid selection here, though I would have gone with Dorsey myself. Ellis had a subpar Combine workout, and Dorsey is simply a better prospect. I agree with the folks at Arrowhead Pride, however, than an OT would have been an ultra-reach at this point (see: Brown, Levi, Arizona), and adding a defensive lineman represents by far the best value here. Very nice pick for the Chiefs.

Once again, we're scheduled to pick for the Bills Thursday night. You'll have an opportunity to give input for the selection sometime tomorrow afternoon; for now, leave your comments on the first five picks, and head on over to Mocking the Draft for much more in-depth discussion on this mock draft.