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2008 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft: Day One Recap

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The 2008 SB Nation NFL Draft, hosted at Mocking the Draft, got under way yesterday, and the first two selections of the mock draft were made. Here's how those two picks played out:

No. 1

Pick by The Phinsider

Chris Long
Defensive End

This was the smartest pick that the Dolphins, and Matty I, could have made. Matt Ryan isn't a #1 overall pick type of quarterback, and the John Beck experiment is not yet over (yes!). There are also questions about whether or not Jake Long can be elite at left tackle in the pros, so it's not worth paying him like he can. Chris Long is the hardest worker with the best pedigree in this draft, and he's ultra-talented to boot. It's a safe pick, yes, but it's also going to make Miami's defense much better.

No. 2

Pick by Turf Show Times

Vernon Gholston
Defensive End
Ohio State

In our first minor upset pick of the year, VanRam showed guts by passing on Jake Long for, in my opinion, the best pass rusher this draft has to offer. This draft is very deep in terms of offensive tackles that can come in and start right away, so the Rams are banking on one of those guys being available when they pick second in the second round. Gholston, meanwhile, will pair with last year's first-round pick, DT Adam Carriker, to give the Rams one of the best young defensive lines not just in the NFC West, but in the NFL.

The SBN NFL Mock continues today with the Falcons, Raiders and Chiefs all scheduled to select. At this juncture, our Buffalo Bills are expected to be selecting on Thursday night at about 8PM eastern; we'll be getting community input for the pick throughout Wednesday as a result. So put your thinking caps on, folks - you're about to play GM.

We'll have more Bills coverage coming your way early this afternoon.