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Player types, part three: Potential Bills Fullbacks

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Mike Cox could be a real steal at the end of the draft (Savannah Morning News)

Today, we bring you part three of a four-part series examining the types of players, rather than specific players, that the Buffalo Bills may target during the draft. The aim of these articles is to try to come to a consensus on what type of player the Bills should be looking to add to the roster. Now up: Fullback. Will the Bills need a short yardage lead blocker only? Where will we address this position?

FULLBACK: Does the offense need a FB for all running downs or just short yardage?

I wish we all knew how Turk Schonert plans to utilize the FB this upcoming season. With veteran Darian Barnes on board, the Bills may not even consider the position a need heading into this month's Draft. If the staff is not comfortable with Barnes, it is very likely we will see a FB picked this year. If we are going to be using a FB on most first and second down plays, it is likely to be a higher priority during the draft. If all we need is a player to come in to the game in short yardage situations, we may not even draft a FB and go after undrafted free agents. If Schonert plans to use the FB in the passing game, we will surely look at one of the top two available. Regardless, most of us will agree that the Bills need to find a young lead blocker to pave the way for Marshawn Lynch and company.

Versatile FB's:

Mid/Late Rounds: Peyton Hillis (Arkansas), Owen Schmitt (West Virginia), Jacob Hester (LSU), Jehuu Caulcrick (Michigan State), Carl Stewart (Auburn), Jerome Felton (Furman)

Short Yardage Only FB's:

Mid/Late Rounds: Mike Cox (Georgia Tech), Michael Pitre (UCLA), Chris Alexander (Texas A&M), Dionte Johnson (Ohio State)

All right Rumblers, let's here it. What type of Fullback do you think the Bills should go after and at what point in the Draft should they address the position?