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News and Notes: Non Draft News Exists?

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Sometimes, the NFL Draft can get overwhelming. We've spent weeks upon weeks breaking down draft prospects, strategies, and all the other wherewithal you hear about this time of the year as it pertains to the Buffalo Bills. For me personally, it has gotten to the point where any hard news is a breath of fresh air (or a "fresh of breath air", if you're Robert Royal).

Here are five Buffalo Bills articles you should be reading (if you haven't already) - and two of them aren't even about the draft!

The official site has a nice piece up on SLB Angelo Crowell this evening. It outlines Crowell's off-season rehabilitation after triceps surgery, his thoughts on the new defensive additions (specifically new running mate Kawika Mitchell), and the upcoming season. An excellent, non-draft related Bills article. Fresh of breath air indeed.

A certain Mr. Bialy of thinks that DE Al Wallace, a participating member of the Bills organization for about 3 defensive snaps last year, should be re-signed in lieu of drafting a defensive end this year. That ought to make some of you squirm in your computer chairs. I happen to disagree with him - Wallace can be considered a nice Plan B option (or Plan C to the Harvey Contingent), but the Bills would be best served finding some speed off the edge in the draft - wherever that happens.

Jerry Sullivan of the Buffalo News talks draft. His (probably) correct thoughts? Lee Evans has a ton of negotiating leverage with the Bills right now, and the team will probably go defense with their top pick. His (definitely) incorrect thoughts? Russ Brandon isn't building this roster, Mr. Sullivan - that's all Dick Jauron and Tom Modrak.

The official site covers everything said about wideouts at yesterday's pre-draft luncheon.

The Niagara Gazette gets specific about draft day wideouts, however, noting that Modrak yesterday confirmed that WR Malcolm Kelly has NOT fallen down Buffalo's draft board due to his poor 40 times. His post-workout outburst may have left a bad taste in Buffalo's mouth, however.

Stay tuned - much more coming your way tomorrow morning!