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Bills an Enigma Entering Draft Weekend

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Jauron, Bills have plenty of options this weekend (

With the 2008 NFL Draft a mere 122(ish) hours from commencing, NFL experts and draft gurus everywhere are beginning to ramp up predictions and step out on limbs everywhere. Perhaps the most irritating and difficult slot for those experts to predict lies right after the top ten - right where the Buffalo Bills select.

Let's face it - the Bills have the look of the wildest of wild cards as draft day approaches. With only one clearly-defined need (wide receiver) and the potential to select a player at one of a half-dozen positions in the first-round - and we haven't even mentioned a trade down yet - the Bills are almost assuredly going to leave at least one fan puzzled with their draft-weekend dealings.

We can see it in media coverage
Take, for example, a selection of articles that have floated around Buffalo's corner of the Internet over the last two days. This isn't a month-long sample of varying opinions; we're talking 48 hours here. Connor Byrne of has an excellent piece up about one of the more underrated receivers in this year's draft crop, Indiana's James Hardy. The debate between Bills fans as to who the top receiver is (Hardy? Malcolm Kelly? Limas Sweed? Devin Thomas?) has been legendary this off-season.

Larry Felser of The Buffalo News talks about the Bills' cornerback prospects heading into Saturday. Cornerback is another highly debated position amongst Bills fans, with several players (Rodgers-Cromartie, McKelvin, Talib, Cason, Flowers and others) becoming favorites among the Buffalo fan base. Even offensive linemen (Branden Albert?), linebackers (Keith Rivers? Jerod Mayo?) and defensive ends (Derrick Harvey? Phillip Merling?) have supporters. This pick is so up in the air that some are giving up and just listing all of the possibilities, while others still are talking crazy-unlikely trades (Chad Johnson in Buffalo? About as likely as Willis McGahee in Buffalo, Bob Matthews).

The 2006 Parallel
This year's draft weekend is shaping up to be as unpredictable as the Bills' weekend was in 2006. Heading into that year's draft, the big names were OT Winston Justice and DT Haloti Ngata, though like this year, many others were floated around as well. The team shocked their fan base (and may have even caused Mel Kiper's hair to shift slightly) when they selected SS Donte Whitner, DT John McCargo, CB Ashton Youboty and FS Ko Simpson with their first four picks. Very few people saw that coming.

So hold onto your butts. If you're entering draft weekend with expectations for the Buffalo Bills, realize one thing: the only thing you should expect is the unexpected. It's going to be one crazy ride this weekend.