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Rumblings Authors Mock, V2.0: Round 4/5 Picks

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For those of you searching for information on Buffalo Rumblings' new look and the account setup process, see this post . If you have further questions, you may either post them as a comment in the welcome post or send me an e-mail. For now, we resume blogging!

Wondering who the Buffalo Bills are going to pick in this weekend's NFL Draft? The authors of Buffalo Rumblings have you covered. Over the entire week leading into the draft, the four authors of Rumblings will be unveiling the second version of their Authors Mock, in which each author makes Bills selections for all seven rounds of the NFL Draft. Rounds 1-3 have already been unveiled (see below for picks); here's how each author sees Rounds 4 and 5 shaking out:

Brian Galliford's Picks
4-114: Brian Johnston, DE, Gardner-Webb
- A late-rising prospect from a very small school, Johnston has the tools to become a starting defensive end down the line. He's a typical Bills defensive end in that he's a blue-collar worker with a high motor, but he's actually got better straight-line speed (4.66, without sacrificing size at 274 pounds) than any current Bills defensive end. He's very green and needs a lot of work, but his value as an immediate-impact speed rusher and special teams player makes him attractive at this point. This could end up being the best value selection of the draft down the line.

4-132: Stanford Keglar, LB, Purdue
- Keglar is a smart, tough linebacker with enough physical skills to be an eventual starter at the NFL level. He's got some work to do shedding blocks and in zone coverage, but he's got potential in both departments. While he's being coached up, he'd be an outstanding special teams player, and would have very little pressure on his shoulders at the outset of his career. Buffalo needs depth at linebacker badly, especially considering the future of the position.

5-147: Kerry Brown, OG, Appalachian State
- Brown is a small-school (I-AA) product who is flying under the radar a lot. He wasn't even invited to this year's Scouting Combine. He has the ability to play all five line positions and is a tough, nasty lineman, so the Bills could try him out at either guard or center. He's about as green as a lineman can get, but if the Bills are looking for a solid athlete and person to groom as Melvin Fowler's replacement at center, Brown is a nice option that won't cost the team a third-round pick.

Sireric's Picks
4-114: Keenan Burton, WR, Kentucky
- There are so many reasons that the Bills should take more than one receiver, even if they take one in the first 2 rounds. The Bills need a better group of receivers as a whole; Reed and Parrish need to be pushed, either to get better, or off the team. Not to mention, Lee Evans is looking at all the money getting thrown around at guys who, let's face it, are worse than him. Yes, the Bills could just franchise Evans and get at least one more year out of him, but I don't see that happening two years in a row, which means as it stands now the Bills have two more years of Evans. If the Bills take two receivers now, the odds that at least one is a quality player two years from now is decent. Coupled with Caldwell, the Bills just brought in two solid receiving prospects. Plus the possibility that the Bills cut Josh Reed to help keep Nick's sanity in check is now closer to a reality. Burton is also a solid kick returner which will help Terrence McGee concentrate on being a solid corner.

4-132: Owen Schmitt, FB, West Virginia
- I think since it was announced that the Bills received this comp pick, everyone has ear marked it for Owen Schmitt, and I've got to be honest, I was looking for a DT or DE to go here, but at this point I'm not too enamored with anybody that's left. Schmitt will help this offense tremendously, not just as a lead blocker, but a goal-line ball carrier as well. At 6-2/247 Schmitt is a load, either with the ball in his hands, or as a blocker. Plus, he's got a MOHAWK.

5-147: Fernando Velasco, C, Georgia
- Another one of the popular names to be thrown around in the Rumblings Community. I really love Velasco's size, strength and versatility; he has the ability to play both center and guard. Even if he can't dethrone Melvin Fowler this year, at the very least he should be the player who finally boots Duke Preston off the team.

Jri111's Picks
4-114: Jermichael Finley, TE, Texas
- A little late to take a TE, but WR was just too pressing of a need not to address early and often – especially since I did not take one in round one. Finely is the choice here because I think he has the best chance of being available. If John Carlson, Kellen Davis or Martin Rucker are still on the board, any of those three could easily be the pick.

4-132: Owen Schmitt, FB, West Virginia
- I've had him here for a while and I'm not going to change now. He would definitely add another component to the offense and also help Lynch become a perennial Pro Bowler.

5-147: Fernando Velasco, C, Georgia
- I've had the Bills picking Mike Pollak in the third for a while, but unless they trade down in the first and acquire more picks, that may be wishful thinking. I've jumped on the Velasco bandwagon because I've been hearing a lot of good things about him lately. Also, how can you not love the size?!

Kurupt's Picks
4-114: Keenan Burton, WR, Kentucky
- Burton is one of my favorite players, let alone receivers, in this class. I think he is a very underrated prospect and has the ability to play right away. After selecting Kelly (and his injury concerns) earlier, I think it is important to add another WR with the ability to help the offense from Day One as a backup plan at the very least. Burton would give us a WR with decent size, great leaping ability and excellent run after the catch abilities. He is also a good special teamer having been a top kick returner in the SEC. I think Burton has starting potential and would give us another option in case Evans doesn't resign.

4-132: Martin Rucker, TE, Missouri
- I'm not that high on Rucker, but he would be a very solid pick at this point in the draft. He's another guy who could go earlier in the draft, but he has some question marks regarding his strength, blocking ability, bulk and physicality. He will be able to help our passing game immediately and gives us a nice receiving threat from the TE position, along with a big red zone target, but he has some work to do to become a big time NFL TE. I personally think he can add another 10-15 lbs and remain an effective receiving threat. He has ability and the frame to get there eventually, and he would provide us good value at this point in the draft.

5-147: Fernando Velasco, C, Georgia
- I had him here in our last mock and he's going to stay here until the actual Draft. He's one of the few center prospects in the Draft with some heft and is good at holding his position inside. I like his ability to slide over to guard and the way he performed in the SEC. I think we can develop this guy into our future starting center and he may even be able to steal some playing time from Fowler as this season progresses.

So that takes us through 5 rounds (and six Bills picks) for each author. Here's a recap of how each author has chosen to this point:


Brian Galliford
1-11. Devin Thomas, WR, Michigan State
2-41. John Carlson, TE, Notre Dame
3-72. Tyvon Branch, CB, Connecticut
4-114. Brian Johnston, DE, Gardner-Webb
4-132. Stanford Keglar, LB, Purdue
5-147. Kerry Brown, OG, Appalachian State

1-11. Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida
2-41. Fred Davis, TE, USC
3-72. Andre Caldwell, WR, Florida
4-114. Keenan Burton, WR, Kentucky
4-132. Owen Schmitt, FB, West Virginia
5-147. Fernando Velasco, C, Georgia

1-11. Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona
2-41. Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma
3-72. Jordy Nelson, WR, Kansas State
4-114. Jermichael Finley, TE, Texas
4-132. Owen Schmitt, FB, West Virginia
5-147. Fernando Velasco, C, Georgia

1-11. Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida
2-41. Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma
3-72. Terrell Thomas, CB, USC
4-114. Keenan Burton, WR, Kentucky
4-132. Martin Rucker, TE, Missouri
5-147. Fernando Velasco, C, Georgia

So there it is - you're up to speed. As always, your comments on players selected, strategies involved and anything else mock draft-related are welcome and encouraged. Let's hear it, folks!