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Bills Draft Buzz Starting to Pick Up

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Quick note: I'd like to apologize for Buffalo Rumblings being down for extended periods of time over the last couple days.  In upgrading hardware configuration for the influx of the new 2.0 blogs, SB Nation ran into a spot of bad hardware, causing the first major outage since I've joined this fine network.  The hardware issues have been fixed (clearly), but we've also been cautioned that they could resurface under heavy traffic loads.  Please be assured that the network's tech gurus are doing everything in their power, 24/7, to ensure that every blog on this network is up and running as smoothly as possible, as quickly as possible.  With that said, if we're down again in the next couple of days and you want a status update, feel free to e-mail me at  Let's get back to blogging.

With the 2008 NFL Draft less than 38 hours from starting (!!!), rumors and speculation are starting to fly at a much more rapid pace, and the Buffalo Bills are at the center of some of those discussions.  Here's what has gone down to this point (sorry for the lack of linkage; I'm typing this in bed after a two-hour respite, so I'll add the links in the morning):

Bills Interested in CB Sheppard?
The Eagles are actively attempting to trade CB Lito Sheppard this weekend, and the Bills are one of the team's potential suitors , according to SI's Peter King.  The Eagles are also reportedly dangling Sheppard in front of the Arizona Cardinals in the hopes they can swing a deal for disgruntled WR Anquan Boldin.

Bills/Chiefs Talking Trade?
NFL Network, as well as ESPN's John Clayton, are reporting that the Kansas City Chiefs - who hold the #5 and #17 picks in the first round of the draft - contacted Buffalo as soon as they traded DE Jared Allen to Minnesota about a potential trade opportunity.  The Bills, according to NFLN, are interested in making a deal if the cornerback that they covet is off the board.  Buffalo Rumblings can confirm for you, thanks to a friendly insider tip, that that cornerback is Troy's Leodis McKelvin, whom Buffalo's coaching staff and scouting department regard very highly.

The Chiefs are likely attempting to trade up in the hopes of landing one of the top two "second-tier" linemen available, either Boise State's Ryan Clady or Virginia's Branden Albert.  They may not get that opportunity, however, if McKelvin is on the board.

Let's hear it folks.  Feel free to speculate or add anything else I may have missed while snoozing.  Things are getting exciting!