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NFL Draft Day 2008 at Buffalo Rumblings

2008 NFL Draft: 3PM ET, ESPN/NFLN

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Welcome to Buffalo Rumblings' coverage of the 2008 NFL Draft! Buffalo Rumblings is your one-stop shop for all things Buffalo Bills, and today, we'll honor that billing. This year's draft is an incredibly important one for the playoff-starved Bills, so we'll be watching anxiously and keeping the conversations rolling all day and tomorrow.

So grab your favorite beverages (or grab several). Grill up some grub, find your most comfortable piece of furniture, and get your computer as close to the television as possible. The NFL Draft starts at 3:00 PM Eastern, and for all of the draft news pertaining to the Buffalo Bills, you've come to the right place. Enjoy yourselves at Buffalo Rumblings today!

Here's what you can expect to see as far as Bills coverage goes, and also some suggestions if you feel like adding worthwhile content to the blog today:

Rumors Open Thread: This post will serve in functionality as the pre-draft and pre-Bills pick open thread. For all of your postings from now until the Bills are on the clock, this is the spot - use it for rumors, quick predictions, and just general chatting. Let's get the discussions lively and get a lot of people involved today, folks - our shiny new blog wants to show off the new comment and recommend features!

Bills Pick Threads: For each selection that the Bills make today, a new post will be put up on the front page. Those will serve as discussion threads about the player selected, and will also serve as an open thread leading up to the next breaking Bills news.

Other Bills News: Whether it's trades, interviews with coaches or players, or anything else newsworthy as it pertains directly to the Bills and the draft, we'll have it covered.

Prospect Profiles: When the Bills make a selection, we'll immediately begin putting together the most complete and comprehensive prospect profile we can. With any luck, that will include input from SB Nation's college football bloggers. We were lucky enough to land interviews about Buffalo's draft picks last year, including this one with Black Shoe Diaries. Look for those to re-surface as well.

SBN 2.0 Suggestions: Want to add to today's experience? Start using FanShots! If you find a YouTube video of a player that the Bills just drafted, or a link to an interesting story about a player or anything else you find relevant, the FanShots section is the perfect spot. It's rather easy for me to place these on the front page if extra relevant, so start using them and enhance today's experience for everyone! Instructions for using the FanPosts section appear in this post.

Also, if you see a FanShot, FanPost or comment that is, in your view, excellent and worthy of all other Rumblers to see, recommend it! Simply click "rec" under the comment/FanPost/FanShot, and these posts - if rec'd enough - will receive special attention in how they're displayed. This is a useful feature that I hope we'll see more use of today!

That's It. Get your Bills face paint on and let's get talking.  Let's roll call it - who have we got here ready to roll?  Give us a shout out if you're Rumbling today!