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RB Omon is Bills' Sixth Round Pick

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Omon a little-known Division II prospect (Photo Source)

With the 179th overall selection in the 2008 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills have selected NW Missouri State running back Xavier Omon.

Despite having solid depth at running back thanks to last year's top selection, Marshawn Lynch, and the emergence of a solid backup in Fred Jackson, the Buffalo Bills have added Xavier Omon to the positional mix.  A Division II prospect out of Northwest Missouri State, Omon has been regarded for some time as one of the best small-school prospects available in this year's draft.

Omon is a big (5'11", 228 pounds), versatile back that does everything well but no one thing great.  With such bulk, Omon is a tough inside runner who absolutely dominated the Division II level, scoring 92 career rushing touchdowns, including a whopping 37 as a senior.  He added six more career scores as a receiver, and though he was not used much in this capacity as a collegian, he reportedly has soft hands.  There are also some NFL experts who believe that Omon has the ability to become a ball-toting fullback, considering his size and the fact that he's an above-average blocker.

There are some concerns with Omon, namely ball security and wear and tear.  Omon logged 1,271 carries in college, so there is definitely some wear on his tires.  He's not the fastest (4.59 40) or quickest back, either, which should make him a one-dimensional smash-mouth runner.  That's a nice complement to Marshawn Lynch if he can make the team - and it may speak to Buffalo's feelings on their current number three back, Dwayne Wright.

The Bills have three picks in the seventh round.  Stay tuned - Buffalo Rumblings will have those picks covered for you as well.