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Bills' Pre Season Schedule Announced

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The Buffalo Bills' 2008 pre-season schedule was announced today. The Bills, oddly enough, have two "big" games this pre-season - or, at least, as big as a pre-season game can get - when they host Pittsburgh in their modern debut in Toronto and appear on a Sunday Night contest in Indianapolis. Here's the full schedule:

Fri 8/8: @ Washington, 7PM
- Cool. It's... the first game of the pre-season. I always like that game - it's probably the one pre-season game that I actually enjoy watching. Football returns to us, Bills fans, on August 8.

Thu 8/14: vs. Pittsburgh, 7:30PM
- This game will be played in Toronto. Anyone else feel that a pre-season game is an inauspicious start for the Bills in Toronto? No one at that game will care about the outcome. The Bills signed up to play three pre-season games in Toronto; they should have waited until 2009 for the first one and started their Toronto gig off with a bang in the regular season. But maybe that's just me.

Sat 8/23: @ Indianapolis, 8PM
- This is the night game, to air on the NFL Network at 8PM eastern. (All other pre-season games will air on WKBW.) Which means that if I can't find a way to get the NFL Network by August 23, it will be the first game I'll have missed (whether in person or on the boob tube) since 2004, when I had to miss a Bills loss to the Jets (16-14) while singing at my cousin's wedding. Hard to be upset about that one; I may actually be irked a little about this one. The third pre-season game is the "most important" pre-season game, after all. Update [2008-4-3 15:19:28 by Brian Galliford]: This game, will, in fact, air locally, so we're all set. Thanks, Krenn.

Thu 8/28: vs. Detroit, 6:30PM
- You bet I'm going to this game. I paid for tickets to eight games at The Ralph, and this is the first one of the '08 season. To quote Ron Burgundy: "It's boring, but, it's part of my life."

So yeah. That's the pre-season schedule. Stay tuned for one more Rumblings post later on this evening, as we'll break down our SBNation NFL Mock Draft selection.