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Player Types, Part Two: Potential Bills Tight Ends

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Dustin Keller could be the receiving threat the TE position lacks (Ben Drinkut, Purdue Exponent)

Here comes part two of a four-part series examining the types of players, rather than specific players, that the Buffalo Bills may target during the draft. The aim of these articles is to try to come to a consensus on what type of player the Bills should be looking to add to the roster. Now up: Tight End. Should the Bills add an all-around TE or a receiving option only? Where will we address this position?

TIGHT END: Should the Bills draft an all-around TE or a one-dimensional receiving threat?

This is a pick that I've been going back and forth on. Should we bring in a player who is a solid blocker, but not a big time receiving threat, or should we go after a TE who's going to be more Dallas Clark than Jason Witten? To me, I have no idea which way the Bills will go, but I see the value in going either way. On one hand, we have Robert Royal as our only proven blocking TE with guys like Teyo Johnson, Courtney Anderson and Derek Schouman more known for the receiving skills if anything. If we take a player who's not going to help us as a blocker, where would that second short yardage blocker come from? However, there may be other players currently on our roster who can help in that area. With the (supposed) return of the true FB position to the Bills offense, we should have potentially two solid blockers available from there. Also, with the move of Matt Murphy to OT, we have a player who's been a TE his whole career with the ability to man the edge, assuming he sticks on the roster. Personally, I don't care which direction we go as long as the player we bring in has the ability to make plays as a receiver. I will say this though, I don't want another Robert Royal added to the roster. I'd love Martellus Bennett or Dustin Keller in the 2nd Round.

Potential All-Around TE's:

Early Rounds: Martellus Bennett (Texas A&M), John Carlson (Notre Dame), Brad Cottam (Tennessee)

Mid/Late Rounds: Craig Stevens (Cal), Joe Jon Finley (Oklahoma), Joey Haynos (Maryland), Tom Santi (Virginia)

Potential Receiving TE's:

Early Rounds: Fred Davis (USC), Dustin Keller (Purdue), Martin Rucker (Missouri), Jermichael Finley (Texas)

Mid/Late Rounds: Kellen Davis (Michigan State), Gary Barnidge (Louisville), Jacob Tamme (Kentucky)

All right folks, have at it. What type of Tight End do you think the Bills will fill their need with and who do you want that player to be?