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Tuesday Morning Trivia

It's Tuesday morning and that means it's trivia time. This week we have a submission from our own Kurupt to add to the fun. If any of you have any suggestions for players to use, (preferably with clues attached) just e-mail me and I'll give you all the credit. In this case player 1 is Kurupt's.

Player 1

- I scored 7 career TD's, 3 in my one season with the Bills.

 - I played just one season for the Bills, but have a Super Bowl ring
from my time in Denver.

- I left college as my school's all-time receiving yardage leader (since
eclipsed), which far exceeded a former Bills great's numbers.

 - I now run a surf retreat on the southern Baja Peninsula in Mexico and
a health food delivery business in California.

Player 2

-I spent 7 years as a Bill, from '94-'00 and recorded 21.5 sacks as a Bill.

- I finished my 10 year NFL career as a member of the Atlanta Falcons.

- I played collegiately for the University of Colorado.

- I was the last of 3 second round picks by the Bills in 1994.

*Extra Credit*

Who were the first 2?

Player 3

- I am the only player inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame without ever having played in the NFL.

- I played in 8 AFL All-Star games, and was named to the All Time - All AFL Team.

- I am a member of the All Decade team of the 60's.

- I was the 11th pick of the second round by the Bills in 1961, out of Georgia Tech.

Player 4

- I played collegiately at power house Bluffton College in Ohio.

- I am a member of the AFL Hall of Fame.

- In 1964 I set a record for averaging 27 yards per reception.

- I hold the record for the longest reception in AFL play-off history, 93 yards for a touchdown.

*Triple Extra Credit*

- Who was the QB who made the pass?

- Who was it against?

- What is my nickname?