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Tuesday Morning Trivia

What's better after a nice long weekend, than a little Tuesday Morning Trivia? As with last week some of these come from Kurupt. This week it is players 1 and 2.


Player 1

- I was born, raised, and went to college in Canada.

- I scored a long touchdown in the 1995 playoffs.

- I had more receiving yards in one game  then I ended up with for my entire career.

- injuries forced me into retirement after only 3 years.


Player 2

- My real first name is Donald.

- I played collegiately at Michigan State.

- I once caught 10 straight passes for touchdowns.

- I scored the 1000th touchdown in Bills history.


Player 3

- I was a football nomad, playing for 5 different teams, and never staying longer then 3 years.

- I was drafted by the Bills in 1970 and played for them until 1972.

- Despite being the #5 overall pick, I never started a single game in my NFL career, and should be viewed as one of if not the biggest draft  busts in Bills history.

- At USC, I was a member of the famed "Wild Bunch" and earned All-American honors in 1969.


Player 4

- I was selected to the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame in 1997.

- I am a 3 time Pro-Bowler.

- I played in 121 consecutive games for the Bills

- I became the only center in USFL history to block for two 1,000 yard rushers in 1984.

*Extra Credit*

- Name the two players

- For what team did this occur?