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Around the AFC East: Week Two Recap

Week Two of our newest feature, "Around the AFC East", is in the books.  I hope all of you are enjoying our weekly interviews with three outstanding "enemy" bloggers in Matty I (The Phinsider), MaPatsFan (Pats Pulpit) and Brian Bassett (The Jets Blog).  The purpose of these interviews is not just to learn a bit more about the Buffalo Bills' biggest rivals; we're hoping to keep the chemicals of football pumping through your veins in these boring off-season days, as well.

Today, we discussed quarterback controversies in New York and Miami and the Patriots' rushing attack - feel free to continue those discussions in their respective posts.  Here's what went on at the rest of the excellent blogs involved:

Over at The Phinsider:

Brlogo_medium  I discuss the most overrated and underrated Bills players, from a national media perspective.
Patspulpit_s_medium  MaPatsFan breaks down the massive changes the Pats went through at the CB position.
Thejetsblog_s_medium  Bassett talks about the Jets' stable of (read: logjam at) running backs.

Over at Pats Pulpit:

Brlogo_medium   I talk favorite and least favorite Bills draft picks, with emphasis on Xavier Omon.
Phinsider_s_medium   Matty I talks about the departure of Cam Cameron and the new regime in Miami.
Thejetsblog_s_medium   Bassett continues the coaching discussion by talking about Year 3 of Eric Mangini's reign.

Over at The Jets Blog:

Brlogo_medium   I attempt to answer questions about Jason Peters' future as a Bill, now that he's looking for more money.
Phinsider_s_medium   Matty I believes that a switch back to the 3-4 defense will do LB Joey Porter some good.
Patspulpit_s_medium   MaPatsFan discusses the possibility of second year S Brandon Meriweather playing some cornerback.

We're always open to suggestions, so if you have any to offer about this feature - and what could make it better or more useful to y'all - we'd love to hear them.  We'd also love to hear suggestions for questions you'd like to see asked of each blogger next week - so if you have any questions for Matty I, MaPatsFan or Bassett, let's hear 'em.