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Bills News and Notes: All About the Cash

Apologies for the late posting today, folks - finals started today, and your humble narrator has been quite busy. I appreciate those of you who have taken the time to post thoughtful FanPosts and FanShots on this slow day; keep that up - they're fun to read. In lieu of a more thoughtful post (which I'll have up bright and early tomorrow morning), here are a few newsworthy talking points for y'all to ponder while I prevent myself from flunking out of college:

The NFL has announced dollar amounts that each team has to spend on its rookies - drafted or undrafted - and with 10 picks plus several free agents in the fold, the Bills were allocated the eighth highest amount to spend on newbies. The team will have $5.3 million in 2008 cap space to spend on those players.

Speaking of cash, if you're buying tickets to see the Bills play in Toronto this season, don't plan on purchasing that plasma TV you've always wanted as well. Tickets for the Bills' games in Toronto will average $183, with the most expensive tickets (non-VIP) a whopping $295. To compare, seats in Buffalo are roughly a fifth of the price ($60). SBb4idie's FanPost

In Vinnie Iyer's pre-season power rankings, the Bills check in at #13. That's nice praise this early; the article is also chock-full of super hero references (the Bills are compared to Captain Marvel - awesome). Football + Super Heroes = Fantastic Read.

Jemele Hill of's Page 2 examines the non-existent relationship between Demetrius Bell and Karl Malone. Let's just say she's not a believer that Malone will be winning Father of the Year awards any time soon.

Looking for more info on Buffalo's UDFA QB, Luke Drone? This article has you covered.