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Tuesday Morning Trivia

Good morning Rumblers. It's Tuesday and that means it's trivia time. This week I got a little extra help from fellow Rumbler and trivia fan Krytime. Kry gave me some good, off beat  names. Have at it...


Player 1

- I am a Member of the College Football Hall of Fame.

- I set over 50 division 1-AA records during my college days.

- I am currently the head coach at my alma matter, MVSU.

- My team plays in a stadium named after me.



- I am known as one of, if not THE, dirtiest player in the history of the NFL.

- I was a NFC pro-bowler from '75 - '77, as a member of the St. Louis Cardinals.

- I played collegiately at the University of Wyoming.

- Due to the injuries I suffered in my playing days, I am currently
90% disabled.


Player 3

- A New Jersey native, I played college football for Arizona State

- I was All-Pac Ten in 1982.

- I played 15 NFL seasons and finished my career with 102 sacks.

- I am currently the defensive line coach at the University of


Player 4

- I was a member of the Bill 1965 AFL championship team.

- I was an AFL All-Star in 1965.

- I was drafted by the Baltimore Colts of the NFL and the Buffalo Bills of the
AFL in 1965.

- In 1974, after being out of football, I began my coaching career as the linebackers coach for the Portland Storm of the WFL.