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Members of Bills Organization Subpoenaed

Lynch situation continues to drag out (Photo Source)

Update: Only four members of the organization have been officially subpoenaed - the three players and an unnamed executive.  Wilson, Brandon and others may still follow.  This according to the WGR report linked below.

Twelve days after a hit-and-run incident involving the SUV of Buffalo Bills RB Marshawn Lynch ignited a police investigation into the running back, eight members of the Bills organization have been subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury.

Team owner Ralph Wilson, COO Russ Brandon, three unnamed executives, and three players - believed to be rookie receivers James Hardy and Steve Johnson, as well as reserve offensive lineman Christian Gaddis - were those sought out by investigators, according to a WGR 550 report.

Buffalo police have been attempting for the better part of a week to speak with Lynch and, until now, anonymous Bills players who were believed to be in the vehicle involved in last Saturday's hit-and-run accident.  Investigators were reportedly at One Bills Drive for an hour and a half on Thursday, attempting to set up interviews with the players and executives listed above.  Again according to WGR, the investigators were forwarded to team attorneys; they didn't get the answers they were seeking.

Thus, according to an AP report (linked above), the grand jury will convene on June 20.

This news breaks after Bills head coach Dick Jauron broke mini-camp a day early, as a reward for the team's high attendance at voluntary workouts this off-season.  The team has issued a statement about the legal issues, stating that the organization is in full compliance with Buffalo law enforcement.

Editor's Take: Even with the knowledge that this was coming, this situation is a mess.  I'm close to joining Buffalo police investigators in their insatiable thirst for answers, regardless of what it means for the organization.  This situation started off as a black eye for Lynch; it's now a full-fledged shiner on the organization.

Something has happened in Buffalo.  In an off-season where the last thing the team needed was distraction, they're getting them from every angle.  With training camp set to begin on July 25, the organization has roughly six weeks to apply a little cover-up, and maybe even resolve some of these issues - you know, if they're up to it.  Sitting idly by waiting for these issues to pass is no longer going to slide - and that includes this issue, as well as the Jason Peters holdout.  It's time to take action, Buffalo.  Get on it.