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Buffalo Rumblings' Best of the Bills Team: WR Recount

Important: Please read voting instructions carefully.

Back by popular demand, I thought this morning would be as good a time as any to re-vote on the wide receiver position for our Buffalo Rumblings Best of the Bills Team. Thus far, QB Jim Kelly, RB Thurman Thomas and TE Pete Metzelaars have been "officially" voted onto the team; wide receivers will officially join them this morning, but only after a re-vote.

First thing's first: Bills all-time leading receiver Andre Reed has been declared a "mortal lock" for the team, as he is Buffalo's all-time leading receiver and the one wideout most likely to make the Hall of Fame as a Bill (James Lofton doesn't count).

That leaves four candidates for two spots. Here's where it gets important. Please vote for one (1) player NOT worthy of making this team. Just like American Idol (or whatever other input-laden reality show you watch), vote for the player you don't want to see on the team. It's that simple.

So, in our first ever recount vote, here are your four candidates - again - for wide receiver:

Elbert Dubenion ('60-'68): Nicknamed "Golden Wheels", Dubenion was a productive, star wide receiver in an era where those were hard to find. Part of Buffalo's two championship teams, Dubenion - a seventh-round draft pick of Cleveland - was a dual rushing/receiving threat who in just nine seasons would accumulate 5,620 yards (326 on the ground) and score 38 touchdowns. Those aren't eye-popping numbers by today's standards, but Dubenion was an electric threat in an era that emphasized the run and defense.

Bob Chandler ('71-'79): Another former seventh-round draft pick, Chandler held several Bills team receiving records before the likes of Reed and Moulds broke them in later years. Chandler's solid career numbers (370 receptions, 5,243 yards, 48 TD) were put up in an era when Buffalo's offense (and team) just weren't very good. Chandler was a bit inconsistent throughout his career and only played three games in his final season as a Bill, but he also put up these numbers despite only starting games in two seasons.

Jerry Butler ('79-'86): If you want to talk about a receiver that played on some bad Bills teams, Jerry Butler is your guy. Playing for two different quarterbacks, however, Butler put up some respectable numbers in his short playing career (he was out of football at age 29) - 278 receptions, 4,301 yards, 29 touchdowns and a Pro Bowl appearance. He also led the league in receiving touchdowns twice (8 in 1981, 10 in 1982). He was a superb athlete and had he played longer and on better teams, he probably would have been much more productive than he was.

Eric Moulds ('96-'05): Moulds made three Pro Bowls during his ten-year career as a Bill, and though his career got off to a slow start, Moulds ranks only behind Reed in most of Buffalo's receiving categories in team history. He left Buffalo with 675 receptions, 9,096 yards and 48 career touchdowns (as well as a kick return touchdown). Another receiver who played during some of Buffalo's darker years (especially after the turn of the century), Moulds' production speaks for itself. He's one of the best receivers in team history, both from a talent and production standpoint.

We'll tally these votes up and add two of these receivers to the team tomorrow morning, when we'll move on to the offensive line as well.