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Tuesday Morning Trivia

Good Morning Rumblers. Time to take a break from picking the best Bills team of all time and put on your thinking caps for some Tuesday Trivia. I think I got some good ones this morning so let's have at it.

Player 1

- I finished 13th at the 1992 World Junior Championships, and 4th in the 1994 World Junior Championships, in the Shot Put event.

- I played 2 years for the Bills.

- I attended the University of Texas-El Paso.

- I retired from football to pursue a career as a professional boxer.


Player 2

- I played College football for the Oregon State Beavers.

- I was first team All-Conference in '67 and '68 and an All-American in 1968.

- I was inducted into the Oregon State University Hall of Fame in 1991.

- I was a Member of the Bills when the AFL and NFL merged.


Player 3

- I graduated from Western Illinois University.

- I had 6 interceptions my rookie year, helping me to earn a spot on the AFL All Rookie team.

- During my eight year career in Buffalo, I recorded 23 interceptions.

- I was the 1993 recipient of the Ralph C Wilson Award.


Player 4

- My Bills teammates nicknamed me "Pit Bull".

- My cousin Gus is still an active NFL player.

- I was a member of 3 Bills Super Bowl teams.

- A well known Harley Davidson enthusiast, I once threatened Joe Thiesmann with bodily harm after he mounted my motorcycle without permission.