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Tuesday Morning Trivia

It's the time of  the week that I know each and every one of you eagerly anticipates...That's right! It's time for Tuesday Morning Trivia!


Player 1

- A San Diego native, I attended  UCLA.

- In my final NFL season of 2001, I was a member of the Oakland Raiders.

- I appeared in 2 Super Bowls, 1 for the Bills and 1 for the Giants.

- I played in 14 career games for the Bills and never scored a single point.


Player 2

- I was originally a 6th round pick in 1983.

- I played in college for Tennessee State University.

- I scored 47 career touchdowns, 7 with the Bills.

- I set a Bengals team record by scoring 4 touchdowns in one game.


Player 3

- I was drafted by the Bills out of the same college that produced John DiGiorgio.

- My son is currently a red shirt freshman QB at the University of Miami.

- I was born in the town made famous by Micheal Moore: Flint, Michigan.

- I also played for Tampa Bay and San Diego during my 11 year NFL career.


Player 4

- I'm 1 of 4 players in college football history to throw for over 3,000 yards 3 different times during my career.

- I left college as the owner of 39 school records, 13 Big Twelve Conference records, and 7 NCAA 1-A records.

- I was a 6th round pick (#201overall) by the Patriots.

- I was released by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the CFL, on January 31st of 2008.


*Extra Credit*

- How did Rich Stadium get it's name?

- Mike Stratton delivered "The Shot Heard Round The World," but who was on the receiving end of it?