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The Obligatory Smorgasbord Post

Every once in a while, a glut of different topics related to the Buffalo Bills, this blog, or blogging in general come up that I'd like to post about, but can't fit into an entire post themselves.  So I let those topics queue up for a while, and when there's enough to write an article fit for any person with ADD, I put it out there.

Now, I'm putting a name to it: The Obligatory Smorgasbord Post.  Be prepared for anything and everything in these posts; I undergo periods of time when I get rather scatterbrained, so either bear with me or strap on your beer goggles and read along.  Onward...

Brlogo_medium    We're excited to announce that this coming Monday (because more of you are around on Mondays, doing that "work" thing), we'll have an exclusive interview posted with Bills linebacker... well, maybe you'll just be left in suspense in regards to the whole name thing.  The young man we spoke with was very kind in quickly getting us responses, and we're sure that you'll learn a thing or two about him.  This will be Rumblings' second player interview in the blog's history (we interviewed Paul Posluszny last August).  Should be fun!

Brlogo_medium    In case you missed this FanPost, I'm looking for interested parties for Buffalo Rumblings-centric fantasy football this year.  Last season we had one league; blog population has since exploded, however, so we're fully prepared for multiple leagues, multiple commissioners, and multiple prizes.  Please let us know in that FanPost if you're interested; the FanPost also has more details, including another teaser about an upcoming awesome announcement...

Brlogo_medium    I've got to admit, Roger Goodell's assurances that the Bills aren't leaving Buffalo lifted my spirits today.  Don't worry - I racked my brain looking for reasons not to believe him, and couldn't come up with anything.  The folks in Toronto (a.k.a. a certain Mr. Rogers) may want a football team, but greed doesn't necessarily produce results.  I'm sick to death of this Toronto topic - as are fans of the CFL, I'm sure - and I'm hopeful that Goodell's remarks will put the topic to rest, if only for a little while.

Brlogo_medium    Ron from NM may not believe Marshawn Lynch's statement that he was unaware that he struck Kim Shpeley with his SUV, but I'm going on record to applaud Lynch after his statement and legal punishment this afternoon.  The kid made a mistake, and to me, his statement was thorough, intricately explained, and honest.  I'll agree with the idea that Lynch shouldn't be breathing easy yet, but from the sounds of it, he's owning up to the mistake and attempting to move on.  I applaud him for that; it's a start.

Brlogo_medium    I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with Deadspin; for those unaware of this blog's existence, it's essentially the biggest, most popular sports blog on Planet Earth.  I'm not a huge fan - it's good for an occasional laugh, but their take on sports isn't my cup of tea - but as a blogger, I have immense respect for Deadspin's founding editor, Will Leitch.  For three-ish years, Leitch was at the battle front of the supposed war between traditional media and blogs; he's controversial, but he fought that "war" with the best of intentions.

I'm not one to talk about bloggers much - in fact, I think part of the reason bloggers don't get a lot of respect is because they try to pump up their reps too often - but Leitch, like SB Nation's very own Blez, is a founding father of sports blogging.  Today, Leitch ended his three-year run as Deadspin's editor as he pursues career opportunities (ironically, in traditional media).  Here's a salute from one obscure blogger to one not-so-obscure blogger - a lot of us wouldn't be here if it weren't for dudes like Leitch.  Mazel Tov.