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Sunday Football Vid(s): Miami Beatdown, Brady Gets Leveled

It's Sunday, folks - and since Buffalo Bills fans watch football on Sundays, we're back with our second edition of the Sunday Football Vid.  Grab a quick snack and, if possible, drag your computer to your favorite football viewing location; we want your surroundings to mimic your regular football viewing habits as closely as possible to the real thing.

This Sunday, we've got an excellent ten-minute video - created by our friends over at Bills Zone - of Buffalo's biggest beat-down last season, a 38-17 drubbing of the Miami Dolphins at Ralph Wilson Stadium.  You'll see great plays as well as some Miami comedy.  Video courtesy of rob4989 at YouTube:

But wait!  This week's version of Sunday Football Vid is going into overtime!  Our very own sireric asked for a visual of Patriots QB Tom Brady taking a nice lick; a very quick video from Buffalo's 31-0 video over the Pats in 2003 fulfills his wishes.  The hit came courtesy Aaron Schobel; the video comes courtesy of Tolan04 at YouTube:

Man, I love football.  26 days until the start of training camp!