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State of the Bills Roster: The Recap

Bills RB Fred Jackson (Photo Source)

For nearly three weeks now, we have spent much of our time breaking down the Buffalo Bills' current personnel in our "State of the Roster" series. We, the Buffalo Rumblings community, have had some very intricate discussions about nearly every current Bill on the roster; I hope you've found the discussions as helpful in analyzing the roster changes post off-season as I have.  Rest assured that we'll have content daily right up to training camp, but for now, here's a recap of each article involved in our State of the Roster II series:

Quarterback: No more Edwards vs. Losman... right?
Running Back: Written well before Lynch's run-in with the law.
Tight End/Fullback: No more H-Back, but still not a well-defined split.
Wide Receiver: Hardy must produce if aerial attack is to blossom.
Offensive Tackle: Depth may be a concern, especially if Peters holds out.
Offensive Guard/Center: Is Fowler the weak link of the starting O-Line?

Defensive End: Ends must be catalysts for a much-improved pass rush.
Defensive Tackle: Will Stroud stay healthy, make expected impact?
Outside Linebacker: Addition of Mitchell brings great versatility.
Inside Linebacker: Plenty of pressure for Posluszny to step up in '08.
Cornerback: Boy, is there a lot of talent here.
Free Safety: Can Simpson hold off Wilson for starting role?
Strong Safety: A well-defined, deep position.

Specialists: K/P set, but potential question marks everywhere else

Feel free to leave your final thoughts on this State of the Roster series - whether they're team-related, function-related or suggestions for similar future exercises.