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Around the AFC East: Week Three (MIA)

In the wake of the very latest information surrounding Marshawn Lynch's legal trouble (see above FanShot), we'll continue on with our weekly Friday feature of Around the AFC East.  At the very least, our little exercise might provide y'all with a distraction - but, of course, feel free to continue the discussions on Lynch as well.

We'll start off this week's feature with Matty I from The Phinsider:

Brlogo_medium   With Bill Parcells and his new regime in town, what is the 2008 prognosis for RB Ricky Williams?  Does he or does he not make the team?  Can he be a contributor under Parcells/Ireland/Sparano's direction?

Phinsider_s_medium   The Phinsider: Ah, yes.  Ricky Williams.  First, let me be honest.  I love Ricky.  I really do.  Despite his troubles, he's a genuinely good person who I really wish the best after his football life.  And he's quite entertaining.  I love his most recent quote, when asked about his NFL legacy.  He responded, "I just go out here and try to play football and let the legacy take care of itself and make sure I don't do anything to make it worse."

As for 2008, Ricky will be here in Miami and will likely be a key part of the offense, especially with Ronnie Brown returning from a torn ACL.  And the good news is that Ricky and Bill Parcells get along great.  Ricky's said that he likes Bill and that Bill has a place for him on this team.

As far as his expectations, I fully expect Ricky to play…and play well.  With the power running game that Tony Sparano and Dan Henning are installing in Miami and with an improved offensive line, I expect Ricky and Ronnie to eclipse the 1,650 combined rushing yards they had when they split carries in 2005.  In reality, the way this offense is built, those two (and Ricky especially due to Ronnie's injury) will have to play well if the Dolphins want to shorten games and steal some wins in 2008.

Call me crazy, but I've always liked Ricky Williams as well.  Not just because he missed all that time, helping the Bills do a better job of shutting down Miami's rushing attack, but because through all of the man's issues, he's managed to remain a pretty good player at the NFL level.  Sure, he's got psychological issues and a dependency (read: love affair) with marijuana, but he's also (publicly) kept his nose clean once being reinstated to the league - enough so for Bill Parcells to keep him around.  That's saying something.

Let Ricky Williams serve as Exhibit A that players who get in trouble can, in fact, learn their lesson and continue to play at a high level (pay attention, Marshawn).

We've got more Around the AFC East coming your way later on today.