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Tuesday Morning Trivia

I got a few contributions for both Brian and Kurupt this week, so this is kind of a team effort. I can't think of anything else to say right now so here you go...

Player 1

- I was a starter for Cal in the famous Cal/Stanford band game.

- I am the only player to ever be on 5 straight Super Bowl teams, even though I didn't play a single down in any of them.

- My son is a 5 star QB recruit for the class of 2009.

- I started my career in Seattle.

Player 2

- I played collegiately for the Maryland Terrapins.

- I joined the Bills in 1971 as an undrafted free agent.

- In 1974 I recorded 9 interceptions, good for 2nd in the NFL.

- I played in 128 games during my 9 year NFL career, all spent with the Bills.


Player 3

- I played 5 seasons with the Bills before being released after suffering a sciatic nerve injury.

- I was a 2-way star at PSU, playing on both the offensive and defensive lines.

- I was selected in the 5th round (#119 overall) of the 1968 draft.

- I am currently the senior vice president of the Union Bank of Switzerland.


Player 4

- I was born in the same town in Minnesota as Walter Jackson Bate.

- I attended Augstana College.

- I played 10 NFL seasons, mainly for the Bills.

- The Bills drafted me in the 6th round (#167 overall) in the 1993 draft.


- Who is Walter Jackson Bate?