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Around the AFC East: New England Patriots

It's Friday, and after a week's hiatus thanks to Independence Day, we're back with another Friday set of Around the AFC East posts.  We're getting close to the start of training camp - it's almost football season! - so feel free to let the venom y'all feel for our AFC East foes flow freely (but civilly).

Our final Friday installment of this feature (until next Friday, that is) brings us MaPatsFan of Pats Pulpit, who is here to talk about his favorite team's offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels:

Brlogo_medium    Last off-season, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was a hot name on the head coaching curcuit before he decided his loyalties were with the Patriots.  How much credit do you give McDaniels for the Patriots' record-setting offensive season last year, and do you believe that the offensive success would take a hit without McDaniels running the show?

Patspulpit_s_medium    Pats Pulpit:  This may sound a little silly, but I think I could've coached that offense last year.  I mean, most of the plays were simply, "Tom, look for Moss.  If he has less than 3 guys covering him, close your eyes and throw it down the right sideline.  Randy will pull it down.  If he's not open, dump it to Welker."  Second half of the year, things got a little tougher.  There was only 1 blow out (sorry Buffalo) and the rest were very close games.  That's when Josh discovered he had running backs and Kevin Faulk had hands like a receiver.

Hopefully I don't come off as too much of a Patriots homer, but the sheer talent of the 2007 offense meant they didn't require too much coaching.  What McDaniels lacks, in my opinion, is creativity.  Yes, you saw a few glimpses of some cool stuff (Brady/Moss fleaflicker against the Steelers to burn that loudmouth Anthony Smith), but nothing like we saw during the Charlie Weis era.  Weis had some stuff and caused fits with opposing teams.  A classic was lining up for a field goal and the kicker throwing a pass to a receiver who appeared to be walking off the field.

Would they take a hit if he wasn't there?  He's not a stellar OC like Weis was, but there would be an impact.  Josh's biggest asset is he knows the system and the players.  Most importantly, as QB coach prior to being crowned OC, he knows Brady.  That alone could be a difference maker.

I'm glad MaPatsFan shares my view of McDaniels, because I could not understand how this guy was one of the hottest head coaching names on the circuit this past off-season.  We're talking about a guy who basically let his offense do as they pleased for a half a season, and when teams started figuring out the players' plays, he couldn't adjust.  The Giants had their number throughout the entirety of the Super Bowl.  That was not good coaching on McDaniels' part, and in fact, he really didn't prove a ton last season despite the Pats' offensive success.  It's going to be interesting to see how he does this season, with a year's worth of "historic" experience under his belt.

Wondering what was discussed from a Bills perspective in this week's version of Around the AFC East?  You're more than welcome to check out the other blogs at your leisure, but we'll also recap all of this week's topics in a post later on this afternoon.  Thanks, as always, for stopping by.