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Seeking Release, Favre Could End Up in AFC East

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Dolphins a leading candidate to land Favre (Photo Source)

You've probably heard by now - because, let's face it, Brett Favre is to NFL media what Britney Spears is to paparazzi - the legendary quarterback has asked to be released by the Green Bay Packers, looking to further his NFL career in a different city. And, as you've also probably heard, of the team "most likely" to land Favre's services, the Miami Dolphins top the list.

(Note to Brett Favre: If you end your timely retirement to come back and play for an organization that is coming off of a 1-15 season, you're a nut job. Just saying.)

Another off-season of Favre's irritating indecision in regards to his playing future has a different ring to it this time around - because this time, it might directly effect the Buffalo Bills. Here's the catch: it might effect the Bills in a good way.

The Leading Candidates for Favre
It's important to note that of the three teams rumored to be interested in, or possible destinations for, Favre's services - Miami, Minnesota and Carolina - the Dolphins are not necessarily (and certainly shouldn't be) Favre's top choice. In fact, according to's Peter King, Favre would like to be a Viking. And why not? The Vikings have an excellent running game and an even better defense. Favre could turn that team into a Super Bowl contender, at least on paper.

But let's face it - the chances of the Green Bay Packers releasing Brett Favre (mull over that sentence for a moment), allowing him to sign with a division rival (continue mulling), are absurdly remote. About as remote as the Packers signing, well, Britney Spears.

So as delicious as it would be to watch Favre lead the Vikings to a division title over the Packers (even if Vikings fans are dead set against the idea), it's not happening. That leaves, at least for the moment, Miami and Carolina as the front-runners. And since the Pack aren't going to be releasing Favre any time soon, any move for Favre will come via trade.

That's where Miami takes a quantum leap to front-runner status. They've got the perfect bargaining chip in Jason Taylor.

DE Taylor seeking trade, also (Photo Source)

Who Would You Rather Face: Favre or Taylor?
Let's say, for the moment, that a Favre-for-Taylor trade is feasible enough to be discussed. (And that certainly seems to be true, given Bill Parcells' preference for bringing in veteran quarterbacks. Remember when Dallas signed Drew Bledsoe?) Who would you rather watch the Buffalo Bills face twice per season: Brett Favre, gritty gunslinger extraordinaire, or Jason Taylor, who has terrorized Bills quarterbacks for a decade?

Call me crazy (or don't), but my vote is for Favre. I love the idea of Brett Favre becoming a Miami Dolphin.

Think about the long-term ramifications that bringing Favre in would have on that franchise. (Matty I of The Phinsider clearly has, because he's vehemently against the idea as well.) The Dolphins have a stop-gap at quarterback - again - and their two young "of the future" quarterbacks, John Beck and Chad Henne, are made to wait - again. Favre doesn't help out his understudies, either, further stunting the growth of whichever quarterback takes over for Miami. The Dolphins maybe push .500 this season (because their defense is still pretty bad, even with Jason Taylor), and Favre pads his stats.

Meanwhile, Taylor - one of only a handful of defenders in the AFC East that must be game-planned for (the rest play in New England) - is out of our minds. Jason Peters and Trent Edwards would be very happy men should this trade go through. I've always had a lot of respect for Taylor, too - he's a good guy and a fantastic athlete - and it'd be nice to see him get his shot on a team that's actually, well, good.

More quarterback questions and a weakened defense in Miami? Additional long-term controversy for our archenemies? Favre to Miami sounds like a delicious recipe to me. Forget the possible short-term effects Favre might have in Miami. Bring this deal on.