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Tuesday Morning Trivia

It's official Rumblers, this is the next to last TMT of the season. Thats right, after next week I'm putting away the trivia for a while. Don't worry we'll have your plate full with training camp, position battles, predictions, and of course fantasy football. So I'm going to make the last two trivias a little different, this week we have Nepotism at it's finest.


Player 1

- I attended Nebraska University.

- I was selected in the 5th round (#156 overall) by the Bills in the 1999 NFL draft.

- My Father was a much more accomplished NFL player.

- I last played for the 49ers.


Player 2

- I attended Syracuse University.

- I played 4 NFL seasons, 1 each with 4 different teams.

- My better known older brother played for the NY Giants.

- I'm currently a gym teacher at Malden Catholic High School in Massachusetts.


Player 3

- I won the 1996 Dial award, which goes to the nations top high school athlete/scholar.

- I attended the same college as Walt Patulski. (Been paying attention?)

- I signed with the Bills as an undrafted free agent.

- My father and 2 cousins played or play in the NFL, and my brother was a training camp cut of the Cardinals.


Player 4

- I attended Wake Forest University.

- My older brother was my teammate at both Wake Forest and with the Cheifs.

- My other older brother played in the NFL as well and is currently a broadcaster.

- I was a 9th round draft choice (#229 overall) in the 1986 NFL draft.


(Nothing to do with nepotism)

- What future hall of famer did the Bills select with their top pick in the 1964 draft?