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Tuesday Morning Trivia

Good morning Rumblers, today we have the final installment of the TMT. So in honor of the season finale, we have a super sized version, for your pleasure. It was a late night, so I'll be brief, and please don't mind the spelling and grammar mistakes. Note: This is why you have an editor, sireric. :) End Note

Player 1

- I attended Iowa University.

- I was selected in the 3rd round (#60 overall) in the 1988 NFL draft.

- My middle name is Remar.

- I played 12 NFL seasons, 3 of which were spent with the Bills.


Player 2

- I attended the University of Idaho.

- I played 8 NFL seasons.

- I made the Pro Bowl once in my career, as a member of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

- I retired after the 2002 season due to injuries.


Player 3

- I started all 16 games my rookie year.

- I was the AFC rookie of the year in 1980.

- I am a 3 time Pro Bowler (1980, 1981, & 1983)

- I was named commissioner of the UNFL.


Player 4

- I played 1 AFL season before it merged into the NFL.

- I was selected  in the 3rd round (#65 overall) in the 1965 AFL draft.

- After a long career with the Houston Oilers, I played 1 last year with the Bills.

- I am a graduate of Tennessee State University.


Player 5

- I played collegiately for the UCLA Bruins.

- I won the 1998 Outland Trophy.

- I played only 1 season for the Bills.

- I was originally a 3rd round pick of the Steelers, but due to injury, I never played a single down for them.


Player 6

- I set several school records at TCU, most of which have been bested by one LaDainian Tomlinson.

- In my junior year, I was a first team All-American, and finished 5th in the Heisman voting.

- I wore #23 as a Bill.

- I am currently the AD and head football coach at Bishop Dunne Catholic School, in Dallas, Texas.


- The Bills are the only NFL team to ever play and lose an exhibition  game vs. a CFL team.  To whom did they lose?

- Name the five offensive linemen who made up "The Electric Company."

- Who was the first ever player inducted into the Bills Wall of Fame?

- How many times in the Bills history have they had the #1 overall pick?

- Who was the Bills' first ever head coach?