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Rumblings Training Camp Coverage and Fantasy Football Notice

Insert cliches about big televisions, fancy cars and boring "reporting day" camp coverage here.  The Buffalo Bills officially kick off their 2008 season later this afternoon, when players report to St. John Fisher College for the start of training camp.

The big story, of course, is the fact that the team could face several holdouts as the team's top three draft picks, as well as LT Jason Peters, are either unsigned or unhappy with their current deals.  We'll be watching with interest to see if any of these signings occur - or Peters reports for duty - throughout the day.

As news starts to unfold throughout the day - and as camp practices begin to take place and we start to see the roster shape up right before our eyes - we'll continue our usual routine of breaking down events in-depth as they happen.  Before the storm begins, however, I thought it prudent to share a few notes centered around training camp (as well as this blog) that y'all should be aware of:

Community Camp Coverage
We'll be breaking down practice reports daily here - that goes without saying.  But rather than taking the canned reports from news outlets that anyone can read (which we'll still discuss), I'd rather get first-person accounts from YOU, Rumblings readers, featured on our front page.  So if you go to camp - tell us about it!  Jot some notes down, take some pictures, and send them our way via FanPost or email and we'll be sure to discuss those reports first.

Going to Camp?
Speaking of going to camp: I will be heading up to St. John Fisher this coming Tuesday, July 29, for the team's first night practice session.  Anyone else going to that practice?  I'd love to meet up with some of you if anyone is going to be there.  Let me know in a comment or via email if you'll be there and you'd like to meet up.

Sense of Urgency
In addition to the usual coverage provided - who's lining up where; who's making good/bad impressions; plays of note; those types of things - we're going to be seeking out information on tempo and a sense of urgency.  These practice sessions tend to be over-analyzed.  We're going to try to keep a general perspective on things; we want to hear that the team is working its tails off, and we want to hear that the team's on-field efforts reflect their understanding that it's playoffs or bust.  We'll also be focusing on covering the following:

    - James Hardy: once he's signed, we'll be charting his progress.  He's vital to this team's success.
    - Trent Edwards: how can we not discuss our young quarterback?
    - Charting the progress of several key battles
    - Monitoring holdouts (hopefully, we won't be at this long)
    - Physicality: the 2008 Bills team is supposedly going to be more physical.  We want to hear about some bloody noses at practice, then.
    - Coaching: how are the coordinators, especially Turk Schonert, doing?
    - And, of course, anything else relevant that comes up via traditional news outlets or our very own coverage.

Rumblings Fantasy Football
In case you missed it and were one of the 30 Rumblers interested in playing fantasy football, don't miss your chance to sign up for the random drawing for a chance to enter the Buffalo Rumblings Premier League, sponsored by SB Nation and AOL.


To register, click here, click the "Register Now" button, and enter your name, email address, select this blog's name, and click "Submit".  Very easy.  Make sure you enter your email address; if you don't win the random drawing, you'll be eligible for one of the two overflow leagues, for which we have commissioners in Krenn and MARVelous.  (Thanks a million, guys!)

Be sure to register by July 31 (the day of the random drawing).  We're very excited about this opportunity, and I look forward to thoroughly dominating any of you who dare cross my path in the Premier League.

Bring on training camp!