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Sunday Football Vid: Trent Edwards Video Day

Note: Apologies for the lack of... well... anything here at Rumblings over the past couple of days, folks.  Over the past 30 or so hours, I've had Internet for a glorious 20 minutes.  Luckily, the fine folks from Time Warner made a Sunday trip to the casa de Galliford, and voila, we're back up and running.  Again, apologies for the blog's stagnance over the weekend; we'll resume regularly scheduled posting right now!

Let the Sunday countdown continue: including today, we have nine more Sundays without regular season NFL football.  That means nine more Sundays of YouTube videos to get us through the afternoons.  Today, we'll dedicate our videos to Buffalo's starting quarterback, Trent Edwards.

First up: I'd never seen this before (though I'm sure some of you have) - it's NFL Network's live coverage of the Bills' selection of Edwards in April, 2007:

In our second Edwards video, it's a nice little highlight montage from Edwards' rookie season...

Finally, here's an NFL Network interview of Edwards from earlier this off-season; our quarterback discusses the upcoming season...