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Tuesday Morning Trivia

Good morning Rumblers. Lately I've noticed some complaints about the difficulty of the trivia, and maybe I did go a little far (Walter Jackson Bate was a bit much, but you try finding clues about Corbin Lucina), so with that in mind I'm going try and make at least one of the trivia answers a little easier than the others. Have at it my friends.


Player 1

- I played only 1 year of football, after playing 4 years of basketball, at Jacksonville State University.

- I played 7 NFL seasons, all with the Bills.

- I was on all 4 Super Bowl teams.

- I was selected in the 9th round (#227 overall) in the 1987 NFL draft.


Player 2

- I was selected in the 10th round (#261 overall) in the 1985 NFL draft, out of William & Mary college.

- In 1987 (my first season as starter) I tied for the AFC lead with 6 interceptions.

- I finished my 8 year NFL career with 30 interceptions.

- I am currently the development director and varsity football coach at Saint Mary's high school in Lancaster, N.Y.


Player 3

- I was a consensus All-American in 1971, and won the Lombardi award that year.

- I am a member of Notre Dame's All Century team.

- I led the Bills in sacks my rookie year.

- I served for 6 years as the commissioner of the Syracuse Board of Education, and have also been a board member of the Boys and Girls clubs of America.


Player 4

- I was born in Landstuhl, Germany.

- I attended San Diego State University.

- I was selected in the 3rd round (#62 overall) of the 1987 draft.

- I was the UPI NFL - NFC Rookie of the year.



- Who was the Bills first ever draft pick?

- In 1992, who was inducted into the Bills Wall of Fame?