Schouman will be out for a while

Per Chris Brown:

SCHOUMAN COULD BE OUT WEEKS: Tight end Derek Schouman's knee injury from Thursday night's game is not season ending, but it could keep him out for "weeks" according to head coach Dick Jauron.

"Derek's going to be a little while, we're hoping not a long while," said Jauron. "At this point Bud (Carpenter) is talking in the weeks. So it's not good, but it could have been worse."

Jauron would only say that Schouman has a knee strain. We'll have mroe on this on the home page tonight.


Sounds like Fine could be our 2nd TE going forward, with Anderson probably assured to make the team.  Unless Schouman's injury isn't that serious and he'll only miss the rest of the preseason, we may have just lost a roster spot elsewhere (6th WR, 6th CB, 9th OL, etc). I also could see Schouman not making the team if the injury is expected to keep him out well into the season.  He has not performed well at all in the preseason and taking upa roster spot as an injured player may not be what the staff needs.  He'd probably be placed on IR then.  It's a longshot that he gets released, but I wouldn't count against it....

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