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Bills news and notes; five cuts to be made Tuesday

Tuesday marks the first day of cuts in the NFL, and as a result, the Buffalo Bills will be releasing five players by the end of the day today.  The team must trim five off of its current roster of 80 to reach the NFL maximum of 75; the team will then play its final pre-season game Thursday at home against Detroit, and cut its roster down to 53 by the end of the business day August 30.

Anyone care to take any guesses as to who the five Bills cut today will be?  I'd love to hear some predictions in the comments section; here's my prediction: RB Dwayne Wright, WR C.J. Hawthorne, DE Derrick Jones, DT Teraz McCray and CB Kennard Cox will be ex-Bills by day's end.

Fantasy Football!
Just a quick reminder that two Buffalo Rumblings fantasy leagues hold their drafts today.  The Rumblings Premiere League will hold its draft tonight at 9:30; RL2 will beat us to the punch and draft first at 8:00; and RL3 has foregone the sanctity of pre-season football to draft during the Bills/Lions game Thursday night at 7:15 (all times eastern).

Speaking of fantasy, SB Nation's fantasy sports blog, Fake Teams, is running a series in which each SB Nation NFL writer (including yours truly) submits one stud and one sleeper from each team; this will hopefully give FT readers an edge when it comes to fantasy drafts.  The Bills' stud and sleeper has been posted; be sure to check that out, as well as the rest of the series.

Some reading material
Few articles kicking around the Interwebs this morning that I'd like you to focus your attention on this morning (other than what we've already mentioned, of course):

Roster spot could be around the corner for Youboty (Mark Gaughan, Buffalo News)
- It's nice to see some local media taking notice of Ashton Youboty's play finally.  It's about time the kid got some more recognition than what he already gets here.  (At least we saw it first.)

Bills sharp, announcers not so much (Chuck Pollock, Olean Times Herald)
- Nothing like a little more ribbing of the NFL Network's trio of Sterling Sharpe, Marshall Faulk and Deion Sanders - the folks who called the Bills/Colts game Sunday night.  They were awesome awful.

Losman leads a sharp Bills offense (Mark Gaughan, Buffalo News)
- From Sunday night's win.  Nice read.

Reed's role a vital one in offense (Bob DiCesare, Buffalo News)
- Just for SuperFan82.